What Your Dreams Tell You ABout Yourself

What Your Dreams Tell You About Yourself

Have you ever had weird dreams while sleeping, not daydreaming of course. Did the dreams ever make you worry because you kept seeing them again and again? If you do not have any idea, let us tell you this, dreams do have a meaning and each dream says a lot about you.

“Dreams don’t happen to us, we happen to them,” says Edinburgh-based dream psychologist Ian Wallace, author of The Top 100 Dreams. It means, whatever you dream, you yourself are responsible for the whole scenario you subconsciously created in your mind.

Getting Chased in your Dreams

Getting Chased in your Dreams

In your dream: You are running as fast as possible and you are still not getting away from whatever that is chasing you, even if you are clueless for what it could be.

Meaning of it: Just like you can’t appear to leave the evil guy after you, odds are you’re having difficulty getting beyond some issues in your conscious life. It could be a relationship dispute, a business breakthrough, or just a mean nagging sensation, according to Wallace.

Thing You Should Do: What are you evading from? Schredl tells, this dream is usually a representation of escape behavior, which is connected to psychological difficulties including anxiety and depression, according to a 2003 research printed in Addictive Behaviors. By analyzing the issues you are not able to shake—and are perhaps running from in the present world—you can approach them head-on and finally move past them.

Falling Out Teeth

Falling Out Teeth

In Your Dream: It is like your typical any day horror film —your teeth dangling, crumbling, shattering, and leaving you scared as hell.

Meaning of It: Teeth symbolize confidence and power. After all, you reveal them while you are smiling, eating, or even snarling. This dream indicates that your confidence may have suffered a hit, says Wallace.

Thing You Should Do: Pretend it till you make a progress, Wallace suggests. Researches show that simulating confidence leads to the actual thing. For instance, a study by Amy Cuddy, Ph.D. Harvard social psychologist indicates that bold body language enhances testosterone levels, which drives higher perceptions of confidence. Similarly, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University’s study shows that if you groom to impress, you’ll feel much darn genuine about yourself. Everyone admires a good placebo effect.

Couldn’t Find A Toilet

Couldn't Find A Toilet

In Your Dream: After menacing around like a lunatic and waiting by one freakishly lengthy line for the toilet, you find that the toilet you’ve been looking on is nasty or exposed to the entire world—not to consider that there’s not a piece of toilet paper in view.

Meaning of It: If you can’t manage your business in your dream, it’s likely that you’re metaphorically barred in waking life, Wallace implies. You may hold something you want to purge—whether it’s a noxious friend or a soul-destroying job—and you dread it will be dirty (hint: the poopy humor). So what to do? Keep it in.

Things You Should Do: Learn to answer “no” more often. Stop allowing people to drop all of their issues on you and look out for a lavatory. A study has connected people-pleasing biases to anything from gaining weight to depression. “You need to take care of your needs first and foremost,” says Wallace.

Publicly Naked

Publicly Naked

In Your Dream: You’re exposed—full frontal and back and like totally. And when no one appears to notice, you’re hopeless to hide yourself.

Meaning of It: “You’re thinking you are out-of-place, weak, and afraid of being revealed,” Wallace says. But like no one sees your kit, your concerns remain sealed as well. Perhaps your current job or association is making you uncomfortable. If the dream is taking place in a classroom, it’s likely that whatever you discovered there remains to make you vulnerable. If your dream is in a restaurant or cafeteria, this could indicate social anxiety, regardless of how hard you’ve been outside of school.

Things You Should Do: It’s time to allow it all stretch out—emotionally, that is. Give some attention to your vulnerabilities and bestow them, Wallace advises. At last, it’s concisely exhausting than getting pains to ensure no one sees your internal turmoil. “With help, you might even find solutions to your problems,” Wallace says.

Falling Endlessly

Falling Endlessly

In Your Dream: You move off of a ledge and fall prone on your face—or you get a nosedive directly off a cliff. Either way, you normally jolt up as soon as you bump the bottom.

Meaning of It: While the feelings may feel related, these are really two kinds of dreams, according to Wallace. The lesser slip dream occurs when you first drop asleep and have that end little jerk (aka a myoclonic jerk) following your muscles totally relax. The second, longer dramatic dream, appears when you’re in a deep sleep already. This dream often reveals a perceived loss in your life or a consummation that you don’t have authority over a situation.

Thing You Should Do: Whatever type of drop or fall you get in your subconscious, stress is to blame. And not to give you even more anxiety, but 60 to 90% of physician visits are linked to stress or stress-similar symptoms, reports American Psychological Association. So calm down. Do something you fancy, kill time with friends, train more, or stretch out before bed. According to a study done in 2012 by the University of Georgia, people who work out regularly possess 20% less anxiety compared to those who don’t. Plus, it could be the time to assess what exactly is freaking you out and work toward fixing it, Wallace says.

Next time when you have a dream, and it is one of them, you know what it means. Keep positive thoughts, deal with problems with a positive attitude and you will have a good night sleep.

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