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How To Deal With Stress With Scientifically Proven Methods?

Stress is a known troublemaker that haunts almost everyone. People may have learned to live in harmony with it they, however, cannot deal or manage their everyday stress. Hectic lifestyle, poor sleep and lots of social media are only contributing to make the situation worse.

The feeling is miserable living in a constant state of stress, anxiety, not only it affects our productivity but also your relationships with your family and friends. If you feel like stress has been taking a toll on your life lately and you have tried every possible way to eliminate it only to end in disappointment, here are some really proven and working tips that can help you.

Music is the Key


Music is the ultimate stress buster as it reaches and affects each person differently. Based on the choice of music, genre or lyrics and even tempos (speed), music can have a soothing effect which is considered ideal to relieve stress no matter where you are. Researches associated with music’s relation to human psyche has concluded that music, especially instrumental and classical is proven to relax the human body, puts the mind in a state of calm and slows down the heartbeat which in turn decreases the flow of stress hormones, cortisol. Next time when you leave for work or travel, just create a really good playlist full of relaxing music. And you can have a nice day at work or a journey that you would thoroughly appreciate.

Chew Gum Chew Stress

Chew Gum Chew Stress

Have you ever chewed gum in the airplane to get rid of that ear-popping buzzing sensation? Well, that’s actually true. It is an effective method. Apart from that, chewing gum has been found really useful in chewing the stress. A study conducted in Australia took 40 volunteers and made them go through a stress-inducing task called DISS. They measured the stress, anxiety and alertness levels when they were and they were not chewing gum. Those who chew gum during the stress test showed a decreased level of stress and anxiety by 17 percent. The percentage dropped when stress was extreme but it still was fruitful. It was noted that subjects performed better and were more alert meanwhile. Thus, if you feel like something is stressing you out, pop a gum and chew the life out of it for your sake.

Chamomile Tea is Magic Potion

Chamomile Tea is Magic Potion

Things can get really dreary during peak business hours or busy days and we understand your caffeine jitters to handle the situation. Only, the coffee gives you more stressful feelings than the actuality. And you can’t ignore your needs as well, so what do you do? You gulp down two or three cups in a row. If you in such a dire situation and want something warm and sumptuous, drink tea instead. Tea is found to lower the cortisol hormones level in the body and give the subject a more relaxing feel. The switch from coffee to tea is not difficult as both contain caffeine. If you are not a tea person, developing a taste for might take some time but if it relieves your stress, switching is not a bad move then.

Mindfulness for Nirvana

Mindfulness for Nirvana

Although it is being practiced on a large level nowadays, it is still hard to convince others for the same. It requires one to live in now rather than to focus on past and upcoming stuff that carry no relevance in current time. The catch here is to ignore the rest and focus on the present. What is around you will help you declutter the fear of the future and not to repent the past. Initially, it can be a bit hard to master since forgetting everything to focus on one point is something you have never tried before. Mindfulness can reduce stress and bring flexibility in thoughts. If you feel over stressed or anxious, take a moment to yourself and focus on deep breathing. Concentrate on your surroundings and flush all those unnecessary thoughts.

Walk and Talk a Lot

Walk and Talk a Lot

Having seated for a long time is not good for your physical as well as mental health. You stay more active when you take a walk after a lengthy and stressful time, you shed all the tension and relax automatically. People who take or go for a walk in the afternoon after lunch tend to have less stress compared to those who do not go. Talking, similarly, also helps to lower down the stress level. Stress starts to become a burden when you hold something inside yourself and it keeps on bothering you until you share it with someone else. So, when you are on a walk to talk to someone; be it on phone or with a companion, spill everything and see how light headed you feel later.

Stress is a killer, it makes people go unproductive, brings them down and make them do things they would not do otherwise. This era requires people to work fast, react fast and live fast, we do not realize the consequences and keep on pacing more. When we do things that are not properly thought, it causes stress, when we want to compete, it causes stress and when the boss wants the presentation before time, stress and stress. It is a bubble that embraces us only to burst later.

One must remember to get some time out of their busy schedule, do necessary things that make you happy and avoid unsocial elements that drain your energy. Moreover, practice the above ways and feel the effectiveness of the process.

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