Changing Fashion Trend is Impacting Youngsters’ Lives

How Changing Fashion Trend is Impacting Youngsters’ Lives

This era is an era of style and style is very important to our lives. In fact, it adds variety to our worlds by providing an aspect of passion to strive for something unique and distinctive, otherwise, it would be a boring life if we all were to dress up and appear the same. Fashion is a work of a striking style, especially in clothing, accessories, footwear, or makeup. It relates to the fashion of doing something different, appearing different and bargaining with others. It surrounds a wide variety of categorization like expression, language, progress, practices, and lifestyle. There is much rational argument on changing fashion and apparel and their influence within modern day society. Style and attire can be characterized as many things that hold our society together. Fashion can be described as a present norm or way of dressing, manners, and a form of socializing, whereas clothes are defined as garments collectively.

If style and clothes were excluded from our worlds there would be no place for originality and the world’s society would all turn out to be the same. There would also be a failure of the contrasts between common classes, which was settled in the earlier 18th century but is yet present now. The elimination of fashion and clothes would also alter the dynamics of the social society and relationships among society.

How Fashion Impacts Youth

How Fashion Impacts Youth

This world has gone global. Celebrities all around portray a very crucial role in the lives of adolescents. Followers or fans look up to their ideal figures to make themselves stay up to date. While viewing TV or browsing the internet, they can very easily be drawn by a type of contemporary ideas.

Furthermore, the teens admire their beloved celebrities and they always hold a desire to resemble them so they give their best to mimic the look and lifestyle of their celebrity idols. They are attempting to seize all the current fashion from their culture to improve their personality. Whenever they socialize, people talk about the latest things that could be modified. They use non-natural means of expression, language and characteristic in their regular lives which is almost artificial.

If opinionated, you will find there are two types i.e. positive and negative impact of fashion on teens and adolescents.

The fashion in our community has a lot of adverse influence on youth. They only consider new fashion and that outcomes in spending a big sum of money. Therefore, they are not capable to become conscious of other vital needs in life. It always diverts them from education. Once a habit or fashion becomes a trend, it is immediately chased by youngsters community despite the truth that how much trouble it leads to. On the other thought, they are hooked in the confusion of style due to the effect of society. To follow a particular fashion, one has to embrace some actions and to make so some people go beyond their boundaries just to appeal to their surroundings. Eventually, they grow hopeless instead of being unique, they suffer from depression for holding superficial fashion. Moreover, it is also a belief that instead of spending money on changing fashion, it could be spent on several other purposes like welfare and helping the poor.

Fashion formulates an unworkable standard for students. They all fancy to look attractive and glamorous like their idol celebrities on TV or in magazines. Hence, they waste a lot of money and time merely to cast up a solid impression on people around them. However, they mostly fail to make an impression most of the time that drives low self-esteem. It also constitutes a conflict of thoughts within them and their friends that could lead to resentment and as a result destroy their relationship with buddies. Teens start judging others by their appearance, look and those who cannot afford to spend enough amount on their visible look, ultimately are downgraded which decreases their confidence level to a certain extent.

Youngsters who give more attention to fashion are usually least alert about their education. They think that by choosing certain style trends, they will reach a certain level among their peers, therefore, they start giving lesser importance to their educational career.

bright side to fashion

There is some bright side to fashion as well. For example, when youngsters feel good due to the way they appear, it gives a tremendous sense of value and trust in their personalities. Moreover, they seem more free and acceptable in a cultural context. If teenagers follow a specific trend, it helps them to understand their own selves by meeting various people from the community with identical interests and sense of style. Dressing in trendy clothes reveals an individual’s status. People think a person is more liberal if he is dressing in stylish clothes.

Teenagers, in the end, come to know what is good for them and what are the consequences of following or imitating others all the time. Rather, they must learn how they can become innovative and shape their own taste of style. That encourages them to be more effective, self-supporting and artistic. Fashion is the name of proving your style statement. It demonstrates that they have the freedom to feel content about themselves and that results in a more flourishing and successful society.

There has to be a balance in the lives of young people while chasing fashion. They need to be made aware of the fact that the fashion inside a boundary is worthy but when the limits are surpassed, consequences are there.

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